What can we
serve you?

Bacon Insiders

Shape, meat type, origin, composition, yield, various packaging are several ways to create the characteristic distinctive ability for bacon.

For quite some time Bacon Insiders (proud member of Meat Insiders) is the specialist for bacon.


Whether you are looking for a traditional bacon (based on pork meat) or a more specialist halal (certified) bacon (free from pork), almost everything is possible.

We serve you with a wide range of different bacon products.

Because of the multitude cuts and cutting techniques, combined with several heat-and packaging methods, we can meet all your needs.

Pre-cooked or grilled, dices, strips, slices, round, oval, in different yields, tell us want you want. We offer you a custom made solution.

We have the possibility to pack the bacon frozen or in a protective (gas flushed) atmosphere.

We don’t know the word “standard”, so ask us for the custom made solution we can offer you!