What can we
serve you?

Kebab Insiders

Kebab is available in different qualities, shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a ready to eat pre-cut kebab product, Kebab Insiders (proud member of Meat Insiders) will be the partner for you.

We have the possibilities to serve you, different compositions, possibly halal certified and / or gluten free in different cuts, a high quality kebab.


All our kebab is precooked, but if you have the requirement of a grilled product this is also possible.

The kebab can be used without further cooking as salad topping, meal component, sandwich topping, pizza topping, etc..

The variety of packaging’s ensures that we can always serve you a product that fits you.

No worries about what you need in the different situations. Because it’s IQF frozen you can use what you need at that moment.

We don’t know the word “standard”, so contact us to look after the custom made solution we can serve you!