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Meat our mission

The intention of Meat Insiders BV is to be a reliable partner / producer of meat products with added value for our customers and for Meat Insiders B.V. in the industrial market (B2B)


Respect for people and the environment and sustainability are central.

Ethics, decent human behaviour and integrity are basic values for this policy. Discrimination and deviant behaviour will not be tolerated. This applies not only to our own organization but also to our suppliers and "third parties".

Personal responsibility for one's own actions is the base in the cooperation with all those involved in the most essential way. For both parties, the partnership should give a positive result.

The constant pursuit of sustainability is another basic value. Possible damage and nuisance to the environment and surrounding should be limited as much as possible. Here, separating and valuing waste and waste-flows is a point of attention.

We are transparent to our customers and offer tailor-made solutions with a clear performance commitment.

Flexibility is important in order to meet the needs of the customer within the prescribed frameworks. It focuses on speed and creativity in responding to a new demand lead in a production environment with a variety of technical possibilities.

Emphatically capable of delivering quality first. In its segment Meat Insiders B.V. is even more to be seen as a quality supplier. This means for example, that we wish to lead and that our suppliers and customers should suit in this.